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Removing Barriers to Channel Collaboration

As VARs, we delivered solutions to our customers that included products from 25 different vendors. We constantly searched for ways to increase our profits, lower our costs, and deepen our relationships with each vendor partner. We focused on deal registration, and set a goal for 100% program participation. If every one of our deals were registered, we would have a shared pipeline with the vendor, and we would maximize the gross margin on every deal. Profits would roll in. Despite our best intentions and hard efforts, the challenges of submitting, managing, and analyzing our registration activity with 25 different vendor systems was impossible. We calculated that we left 10 to 20% of additional company net profits on the table every year.

As Vendors, we saw why channel teams at companies across the industry struggle to roll out new programs, or take channel partner feedback to optimize existing programs. Any modification required lengthy lead times since IT had to write software code to make the modification, which meant waiting for months to see a new, strategic channel reward initiative roll out. We also watched how alliances teams worked with other companies to create high-value solutions and go-to-market campaigns, but struggled to make progress when the solution hit the channel. Each alliance team could see their products being registered, but they couldn’t see the joint alliance solution. With no visibility into channel partner sales activity, alliance teams couldn’t provide the early, coordinated support required to help channel partners win their first deals.

In March 2009, we set out to create Vartopia. We started with the multi-vendor registration tool for channel partners. Very quickly vendors approached us to see if we could give them a better deal registration management system. It wasn’t long after that when alliance teams started to ask if we could help solve their challenges. The result? We created the Vartopia Deal Registration Network. It’s an open-participation technology and collaboration model designed to support all ecosystem participants.


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