by Mike Reilly

Each vendor with a sales channel partner program is presented with the same challenge: every reseller partner has its own CRM tools and business processes for tracking pipeline and customer activity. Both parties look at these systems as their “single source of truth.” However, if all vendors have their single view of truth, and each of the resellers do too, is there any real “truth” at all? Or, if you’re vendor, how do you get accurate partner sales activity contributing to your pipeline and converting to opportunity, and eventually, closed deals? And how do you help your marketing teams know what’s working and what’s not?

It’s not an easy process to get a reseller partner and any single vendor to connect on consistent data points, never mind getting multiple vendors on one platform for resellers on which they can connect pipeline data from multiple channel partners. Right now, for many VARs and emerging vendors, so much of this process is manual, involving a large staff commitment by the sales opps team to basically do data entry and try to keep track of partner activities via email. Is it possible to provide a single pane of glass, a source that provides transparency between not only the two systems of one vendor and one partner, but also connects multiple vendors with a large network of partners on the same platform at the same time?

Though this may sound like a channel sales manager and reseller manager’s desire for the impossible, there IS actually a way to make this happen with technology, and it’s easier than you think. The new deal registration platforms are changing the landscape of channel partner collaboration. They are utilizing a technology platform which talks to both vendor and partner CRMs at the same time, allowing data to be exchanged between the two seamlessly. This increases partner pipeline visibility, which helps to better manage relationships and maximize opportunities to close more deals.

At Vartopia, we have developed such a platform. We have the industry’s only multi-vendor network, which means the moment a reseller joins the Vartopia platform, it has access to some of the largest vendors in the industry, including Cisco and HP. The vendors gain immediate access to over 600 resellers so they can grow their partner network and increase their visibility.

Above all else, the Vartopia platform is known for establishing process efficiency never before seen in a channel sales collaboration technology platform. Through their own “single pane of choice,” – via the portal or CRM – vendors and resellers can view leads and deals and map those right back to the opportunity pipeline, closed deals, and revenue growth. This can be accomplished automatically – CRM talking to CRM. No more spreadsheets and emails and sales operations staff spending time inputting massive amounts of data from a multitude of sources, which may or may not be accurate or very helpful for getting an up-to-the minute snapshot of exactly which partnerships are paying off and which could use support to deliver more opportunities to a vendors pipeline.

Probably one of the most valuable components of an integrated deal registration platform is that it can make forecasting easier and more accurate than ever. When a vendor has a clear view into the deals in their partners’ pipeline, they can see where the selling motion is getting stuck or may need support, as well as which sales are about to close. This makes for an excellent quarterly reviews with partners by improving forecasting. And a way to proactively predict if quota will be met each quarter, and if not, where partner activities are falling short.

CRM to CRM connectivity is revolutionizing sales channel program management. An integrated deal registration platform is the latest way to take a channel partner sales program management to the next level. More and more opportunity awaits to grow your sales channel organization and convert leads to deals to sales.

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