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Nutanix attains improved pipeline visibility with Vartopia

Growing at a rapid pace, Nutanix needed a deal registration solution to enable them to elevate business with resellers, distributors and OEM partners. They researched platforms that would streamline their internal processes, improve pipeline visibility via and support their OEM and global two-tier distribution model with partner-enabling reporting tools.

With Vartopia, deal registration activity increased 43% in first quarter on the platform. Sales could now easily view Registrations to link them to existing Opportunity or create a new, Marketing could now track Lead attribution even if the Opportunity was generated from partner actions and deal approval turnaround time improved by some 40%.

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CloudBees flies high with Vartopia

CloudBees, leaders in CI/CD and builders of the world’s first Continuous Software Delivery System were looking for continuous improvement for their deal registration portal when they tapped Vartopia based on our best practice methods for their Elevate Partner Program. They wanted to make it easier for their partners and iron-clad for the sales teams to manage the partner-led pipeline in Sales force.

Launching Vartopia Deal Registration solution in conjunction with its new partner portal proved to be key to a very successful 2018, where it saw some 50% YoY growth in global partner-led business as a percentage of its entire business. Partner adoption, enhanced pipeline visibility and hassle-free collaboration were cited as the keys to this success.

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SimpliVity simplifies deal registration

Experiencing rapid growth in its hyper‐convergence infrastructure market, SimpliVity turned to Vartopia to improve partner pipeline visibility and the effectiveness of its deal registration tools. They needed a solution that would resonate with their mission to simplify IT by simplifying processes and improve visibility for everyone in its global, two‐tier distribution model.

With a three-fold increase in deal registrations as its business scaled, SimpliVity saw another 20% growth in deals in the first six months using Vartopia as its partner generated business grew at a faster pace than overall demand. And, as a bonus, they were able to vastly simplify SPIF rewards by leveraging the deal registration object to automate rewarding partners’ reps.

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