by Mike Reilly

From the first days of Vartopia, there was no question that our ultimate goal was to allow VARs to submit, manage and measure their deal registrations directly from within their CRM. Every customer we talked to asked when we would have this capability and I am pleased to announce the wait is over!

We designed our CRM integration to help our customer ensure that every opportunity is registered with the appropriate Vendors, allowing them to maximize their margins. Once you have installed Vartopia into your CRM, your users can register a deal from within the CRM opportunity by clicking the “Vartopia” button, which launches the Vartopia Registration Engine. First they select the Vendor or Vendors to they want to register the opportunity with, next, they answer the required questions on the associated Vendor forms and hit “Submit”. Vartopia then automatically sends the registrations to the identified Vendors. It’s now that easy to register a deal.

Just as important, Vartopia syncs your registrations with the Vendor Systems to provide you with all the information necessary to manage and measure them, such as Registration Status, Approval IDs, Expiration Dates, Etc.

Vartopia CRM is currently available as a packaged installation for We also have a published API for use with other CRM systems, and can help you get it configured and installed. We’ll be rolling out additional packaged CRM integrations in the coming quarters.

We’d love to hear what you think.