by Steve Murphy

There are a lot of reasons why deals don’t get registered.

But at the end of the day, the primary reason why sales teams don’t register a sales opportunity or management doesn’t detect the error is that of too many partner portals and related systems. Some of the largest vendors have calculated that 20% to 40% of deals that could have been registered go unregistered.

Over the past 15 years, every major vendor has introduced partner portals. Each was designed and launched with the intent of making it easier for partners to do business with them. However, despite the many benefits of these portals, they have created additional complexity for partners, and in some cases hindered the sales process. The fault does not belong to any single vendor, but rather to the industry.

The cause of the problem is easiest to understand if one imagines a partner with 100 salespeople that work with 20 vendors that have deal registration. The partner faces 2,000 points of deal registration management and optimization. This partner organization faces:

  • 2,000 sets of user credentials to manage as people are hired and terminated
  • 20 systems with unique look and feel, workflow, data fields, etc. for users to learn
  • 20 different system capabilities that vary significantly in their functionality, particularly in the area of visibility, data sets and reporting
  • 20 different datasets that can’t be grouped by sales territory for distribution
  • 20 different communication processes for deal registration status updates

Is it any wonder why eligible sales opportunities go unregistered? The cost of this problem is high: less forecasting visibility for the vendor, reduced profitability for the partner to invest in growing the sales partnership and increased risk and potential fire drills.

Partners can’t manage their business from vendor portals, spreadsheets and emails. Until registration gets easier, sales teams will struggle to capture all the profits they deserve to earn. Until front-line sales managers have full visibility into deal registration, they will be operating more with hope than certainty about their deal profitability.

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