Channel Collaboration Innovation

The First Multi-Tenant, Multi-Vendor Deal Registration Platform

Deal registration is nothing new. But the old methods were often too complicated and difficult for resellers to manage creating a challenge for vendors looking to gain early visibility. The result was letting too much potential revenue and partner profitability fall through the cracks.
The Vartopia platform has changed all that by creating a network of vendors and resellers for which deal registration is simple, straightforward, and secure.

Benefits of joining the Vartopia network include:


  • Branded deal registration portal seamlessly integrated with your existing partner portal via SSO – or delivered within a turnkey PRM solution.
  • Access to over 7,500 resellers including 100% of CRN’s Solution Provider 500.
  • Managed application within your Salesforce CRM empowers your users to more effectively drive channel revenue.
  • Reporting and analytics from within CRM to empower you sales teams with data to turn Registrations to Opportunities and Opportunities into revenue.
  • Available Marketing APIs to enable Leads and Campaigns to be linked through Registration data for marketing attribution and demonstrating ROMI.
  • Turnkey rewards to drive desired behaviors while eliminating administrative challenges.


  • A single place to submit, manage, and measure their deal registrations for all of the vendors within the Vartopia network.
  • Access to leading and emerging technology vendors to improve operational efficiency and ease of doing business.
  • Seamless integration with the Reseller’s CRM systems using Salesforce or MS Dynamics.
  • Reporting tools that provide actionable data aligned to the Reseller’s sales and territory management structure so opportunities can be tracked through each stage of their lifecycle.
  • Easier to onboard a new vendor by leveraging Vartopia workflows, in-place reporting and territory management tools.
  • Staff training can be focused on vendor’s specifics – not ‘another system.’
  • Simpler methods to reward rep behaviors – to drive registration activity and close the gap in eligible, but unregistered deals.