Vendor Profile Panzura

About Panzura

Panzura is the catalyst in the transformation of cloud storage into high-performance enterprise file systems. Panzura’s revolutionary global locking file system seamlessly combines the flexibility, performance and productivity benefits of distributed storage with the manageability, security and economics of centralized storage.

With Panzura, the cloud – public or private – not only serves as every tier of storage, it becomes the fabric that enables globally distributed teams rapid file access and easy collaboration. Panzura delivers one file system across hundreds of offices that allows users to work together as if they were in the same room.

Our Solution

Panzura offers the only truly global locking file system. The Panzura Global File System (GFS) looks and behaves just like a local, locking Windows filer to users, but is backed by a central cloud data repository and can span hundreds of sites. It’s simpler, faster and less expensive than deploying primary, backup and archive storage at each site, and running WAN optimization over private networks. With Panzura’s patented global file and sub-file locking technology, users across the world can work together like they’re in the same room – even in complex technical applications like CAD, GIS or BIM. Our unique file locking capability reduces application and file open and sync time for distributed users from 20 or 30 minutes to just seconds. The Panzura Global File System is delivered through physical or virtual controllers at each site.

Our Partner Program

The Panzura Channel Partner Program is the gateway to Panzura’s industry leading solutions that transform cloud storage into high-performance enterprise shared storage. Panzura is a true channel partner committed to mutual success. And our technology provides an innovative and differentiated solution that enables partners to deliver a new approach to the cloud. Join us as we change the entire storage industry related to the cloud, and enable customers to run applications wherever it makes sense, in the office, in the cloud or in both, without ever having to think where and how they stored the data.

* Customer Value – Solutions that deliver real business value for customers that represent significant margin and revenue opportunities for the channel

* Unique Solution – Uniquely able to provide enterprise-class cloud storage with NAS functionality for a globally-distributed workforce

* Cloud Services Opportunity – Enabling partners to build differentiated cloud services and continue storage hardware revenue